Why Street Food Box?

At Street Food Box, we believe we can all play a part in reducing global food packaging waste by thinking reuse rather than recycle so our food boxes have been designed to be used over and over again.

Whilst we’ve become used to coffee shops selling multi-use cups, only now are food retailers trialling customers using their own boxes for deli foods and for certain self-serve foods and zero waste stores are continuing to grow in popularity. But there has been no practical, convenient, compact, fold-flat, cost-effective, multi-use food container until now.

With Britain’s growing ‘food on the go’ habit generating nearly 11bn items of packaging waste a year alone (much of which is not recycled), we need to relook at our relationship with single-use food to go packaging.  And this staggering figure excludes food packaging used at festivals and sports events for example.

Even worse, the majority of this waste isn’t recyclable as it’s made from mixed materials or can’t be recycled due to contamination from food residue.

A survey of more than 1,200 workers found that the majority – 64% – said they bought lunch on the go more now than they did five years ago – spending £13.6bn annually.  More than a quarter said this was because they were too busy to make their own.

This in part is a result of the UK’s evolving food culture and growing street food movement, with 20% of workers saying there are more places to eat out now and 19% saying eating out is more tempting than it used to be.

This is a very real problem which isn’t just affecting the UK of course, but a global issue common to all developed countries and Street Food Box has been conceived to do something about it right now.

Next time you buy food to go, consider that the lifetime of the packaging used is minutes. Not only is this a huge misuse of precious resources, the additional impact of collection, sorting and recycling where possible, all consume further energy to create even more waste. This behaviour is not sustainable and we need to change the way we think about single-use packaging.

And from 1st October 2023, there will be UK legislation in place to remove single-use plastics from society.  This extends to a ban on the use of plastic-coated paper, food to go and drinks packaging including compostables.

The UK 2025 Single Use Plastics Pact is the world’s first programme to tackle the issue of plastic waste through collaboration across the entire supply chain. It aims to inspire members and supporters to act, and to galvanise wider action by governments, funders, investors, NGOs and businesses who are not members of The UK 2025 Plastics Pact.

The 2025 UK Single Use Plastics Pact Targets
  1. Eliminate problematic or unnecessary single-use packaging through redesign, innovation or alternative (reuse) delivery models.
  2. 100% of plastics packaging to be reusable or recyclable.
  3. 70% of plastics packaging effectively recycled.
  4. 30% average recycled content across all plastic packaging.

But don’t wait until 2025, you can start to make a difference NOW by playing your part in reducing food to go packaging waste by becoming a Street Food Box user.

Practise our mantra of Eat, Rinse, Sleep, Repeat® and join the growing number of people who have already discovered how Street Food Box can make a real difference, today.

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