Usage Instructions

Thank you for choosing Street Food Box and for joining the thousands of others who are helping to reduce single use, food packaging go to waste.

We’re delighted to share that Street Food Box is manufactured in the UK as part of our ethos to minimise the environmental impact of everything we do.

With care, Street Food Box can be used infinitely and should be washed before first use and after each use, as should the storage pouch and cutlery.

It is also safe to use in microwaves and dishwashers but can also be rinsed clean in cold water if needed.

We do hope that you enjoy using Street Food Box and if you do, spread the word.

To open

Before first use, place the box in front of you so that the word ‘SLEEP’ is facing you.
Hold the box at each side and push the edge of the box under ‘SLEEP’ upwards to form the cutlery compartment. Then flex and tuck the side flaps into the compartment, not the thin gap behind it.
Then flex the crease at the reverse of the lid and do the same with the mid crease and front tuck in flap.
Turn the box round so that the front of the lid is facing you. Pull out the sides and flex a few times to form the box.
Fold the front, side tabs inwards, close the lid by tucking in the front flap.
Now push the rear, side tabs into the slots within the lid to secure it.


To close after use, start by pushing both sides inwards together and then continue pushing directly on the front side tabs to ease them under the rear side flaps.
Fold the lid over to keep flat and pop into the storage pouch.
Wash the box, cutlery and pouch after each use.


Washing Street Food Box by hand
Street Food Box rinses clean even in cold water, but for best hygiene we recommend washing in warm water with a little detergent. Shake dry after washing.
Washing Street Food Box in a dishwasher
Fold the lid outwards at the mid-line and fold back so that the box is open and place it facing downwards within either the top or bottom rack as best suited so that the lid is held back.
Washing the bag
We have chosen the bag material as it is very durable, stain resistant and waterproof and it can either be hand-washed or machine washed at your preferred lowest temperature.
Washing the napkin
The napkin can either be hand-washed or machine washed at your preferred lowest temperature.


All microwaves vary so we recommend using a longer, medium power setting to reheat foods rather than full power at first use so you can properly determine the best setting for your appliance (NOT SUITABLE FOR USE IN A CONVENTIONAL OVEN)

Street Food Box® and Eat, Rinse, Sleep, Repeat® are registered trademarks. International Patents Pending.

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