Street Food Box® is made from Priplak® a patented polypropylene which is specially treated to allow us to apply high quality, vibrant graphics which are super-durable and can withstand 1,000's of cycles in a microwave and dishwasher.

It has an infinite life, can withstand daily use and is indestructible when used as designed.

Priplak® has obtained the triple certification for the environment (ISO 14001), quality (ISO 9001) and health and safety
(OHSAS 18001):

✓ Halogen free, no substances that can damage the ozone layer.
✓ Certified food safe.
✓ BPA free.
✓ Manufactured from a single material and does not utilise adhesives or rivets.
✓ Inert waste, non toxic and 100% recyclable at end of life.

As of now, the material we use is 100% virgin polymer material to allow for food safety certification but we are constantly monitoring materials developments and will explore other options as they become available to our stringent requirements.

Its dimensions are 205 x 130 x 60 and it folds flat to just 25mm thick.

In fact it's so compact it easily fits in a handbag or rucksack and is small enough to pop into a jeans or jacket pocket.

It has a capacity of 1500ml which is larger than most boxes in common use and it's suitable for every kind of takeaway food: salads, noodles, pasta dishes, rice dishes, wraps, sandwiches, burgers, kebabs, chicken pieces and pizza slices.

And it's perfect for bakery products, cakes and donuts too.

We are currently calculating our carbon footprint and will publish our figures very soon.

We're delighted to say that Street Food Box® is made in the UK and has the potential to create many jobs as we grow in size AND keep freight to the minimum. And as we expand abroad we will be a fantastic export product for the UK too.

Out waterproof pouch is also manufactured in the UK.

Our cutlery is also made from polypropylene as it is strong and durable and can withstand 1,000's of dishwasher cycles.

Plastic food containers are great but are bulky and not easy to carry. Street Food Box® folds flat when not in use so it's super-convenient and you can always carry one with you – in your bag, rucksack, leave in the car and even pop into jeans and jacket pockets.

Once used, simply fold it flat and pop it into its waterproof pouch so you can wash at home, ready for use next time,

There are of course collapsible alternatives available, but their high price point and the fact that they cannot be custom printed means that they are not a viable, high volume product that can be adopted by major food to go chains. This is a core objective for us as this is how we can really make a significant impact in reducing single-use, food to go packaging.

And when collapsed, alternative containers are still considerably bulkier than Street Food Box with even the largest sizes having a smaller capacity so they are less practical to carry and use.

In normal use, no it doesn't. We have repeatedly trialled a whole range of foods including tomato-based sauces and curry sauces and Street Food Box® rinses perfectly clean without any staining, even if using just cold water.

However, if acidic food residues (such as curry sauces and pasta sauces) are left inside the box for a few days then some staining may occur. This can usually be removed by using Milton Fluid as per their sterilising instructions.

In normal use, yes it is. But as it's a replacement for single use, food to go packaging, rather than sealed food containers, and has been designed to be ultra-compact when not in use, there is potential for leakage if its used to transport foods containing liquid when it's not kept upright.

Yes it is. Just like Street Food Box® and our cutlery, our bags use robust materials than can be reused over and over again. And it can be machine washed too.

The special surface of Street Food Box® means that food residues are minimal after use and the pouch has been designed to make sure that there are no leaks after use, even if food has been left in the box.

Yes you can. It can withstand significant heat, but as all appliances vary we advise testing use on a medium and longer time setting first. But in our trials, Street Food Box® has performed perfectly in 900w microwaves on full power.

However, it does become slightly more flexible when the contents is at a high temperature so care should be taken when handling after heating.

And the material is BPA free!

Yes you can. It can happily be used in a dishwasher over and over again. Just make sure that the lid is folded back before placing in a rack.

Yes we can, anything from 100 upwards.

For quantities of less than 200, we print boxes using digital print but for larger quantities we print using the litho process as it is more cost effective.

We can also produce custom sizes subject to minimum order quantities which we can confirm on request.

At the moment no, but that may change in the future. However, we do aim to support certain charities who are also focused on sustainability and safeguarding the future of our planet as soon as possible. And during November 2021 we're supporting COP26 by supporting the National Trust Plant A Tree scheme.

Street Food Box® and Eat, Rinse, Sleep, Repeat® are registered trademarks. International Patents Pending.

Street Food Box Limited, 2 The Rowells, Cottenham, Cambridge, CB24 8XJ, UK.